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Engineering & Design as a Service

Supporting turn key solutions for our Customers

Odyssey Tool is a full-service design and build firm specializing in the design, engineering fabrication, and construction of:

  • Precision applicator crimping die assemblies
  • Custom Hand Tools for use in low production or field work
  • Terminal crimping Presses ranging from 2.2 to 30 ton capacity
  • Wire processing accessories to enhance Equipment used in wire Harness manufacturing
  • Custom perishable tooling designed for specific terminal crimping applications
  • Turn key services for semi-automated stations to improve production efficiency and quality control

How Odyssey Tool Helps You

We combine the latest and most effective technologies and process knowledge with years of experience, to provide an efficient solution to your production needs.

Our Engineering Services specialize in custom solutions to drive automation applications providing increased productivity while maintaining quality control in a way that improves your bottom line over the long-term.

Odyssey Tool’s knowledge of engineering and processing, along with our industrial experience in the design and start-up of these customized stations, gives us the unique ability to design and build fully integrated systems. This expertise allows us to provide our clients with effective processing systems using the best available technology with state of the art PLC/PC Automation and controls.

Wire EDM

Led by over 30 years of EDM experience, Odyssey Tool offers unlimited services and capabilities. Wire EDMs are highly precise machines with .0002” tolerance capabilities with virtually no burrs. Our Wire EDM machines have a range of .006 to .012 diameter wire, and can cut through up to 32” thick conductive material. Our larger EDM machines can handle parts up to 3,000 lbs, and 42” in diameter.   As a complement to our EDMs, we have programmable small hole EDM capabilities for precise positioning. Our services include single parts up to production quantities.

What is Wire EDM?

As explained by, “the EDM process” is conceptually very simple: an electrical current passes between an electrode and a work piece which are separated by a dielectric liquid.  The dielectric fluid acts as an electrical insulator unless enough voltage is applied to bring it to its ionization point, when it becomes an electrical conductor. The resulting spark discharge erodes the work piece to form a desired final shape.”

Why Choose Wire EDM?

Wire EDM cuts without making any contact to the part, therefore creating burr-free surfaces. Because the wire is so fine, you can cut small-radius corners or even narrow slots. Since the wire never touches the work piece, there are no cutting forces, so you can cut thin stock, fine ribs, or even very delicate forms. Wire EDM is also an effective way of modifying materials after they have been heat treated. As a result, EDM has long been the answer for high accuracy and demanding machining applications where traditional metal removal is difficult or impossible. 

CNC Milling

Odyssey Tool provides complex CNC machining services for the most critical applications. When your specifications require attention to the smallest details, call us. Special finish requirements, heat treating, coatings, assembly and welding as well as other secondary services are provided. Miniature parts and mechanisms are our specialty. We also can provide larger parts using a variety of different materials.

  • Multi-axis capabilities

  • Through the spindle coolant


  • High speed spindles

  • Superfine finish capabilities

Surface Grinding

Odyssey Tool offers many types of surface grinding services to address almost any application. 

  • Surface Grinding machines are used to remove a minute amount of material, creating a smooth flat surface to a very tight tolerance.
  • Surface grinding machines provide precision surface sizes up to 0.5-1 micron and roughness up to Ra 0.2-0.8 microns, the ability to handle high hardness up to 60-65 HRC.

We have been depending on Odyssey since 2001 for high quality equipment at a good price. It is always a positive experience to work with the front office staff, the designers, and the field support. When we have an emergency or an impossible deadline the team at Odyssey does everything possible to keep our lines running or expedite new equipment. It’s a good feeling to know that with one phone call we can be discussing solutions with someone who can take immediate action to support us.

St. Clair Technologies

"Odyssey Tool has been a great partner for us.  They really help guide us to make sure we have the proper tooling and set up for our business.  The customer service is wonderful and the team is attentive and takes care of everything we need.  It has been a pleasure working with Odyssey Tool over the past several years."

Armando Alfaro

Alfaro Bros Inc

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